South African Sugarcane Industry

Sugarcane is a species of tall perennial true grasses of the genus Saccharum. It has stout, jointed, fibrous stalks that are rich in sucrose, which accumulates in the stalk internodes. A sugarcane crop is sensitive to the climate, soil type, irrigation, fertilizers, insects, disease control, varieties, and the harvest period. This crop predominantly grows in the tropical and subtropical regions. They grow best in warm, sunny, frost-free weather. It needs fertile, well-drained soil and around 1,500 millimeters of water each year from rain or irrigation supplies. A mature stalk is typically composed of fiber, soluble sugars, non-sugars, and water.

south african sugarcane industry

Sugarcane is the world’s largest crop by production quantity. In South Africa, sugar cane farming makes a positive difference to the lives of more than a million people and is a catalyst for economic growth and development. Sugar cane farming is predominant in KwaZulu-Natal, with substantial operations in Mpumalanga, and some sugarcane production in the Eastern Cape. Sugarcane growers annually produce on average 19.9 million tons of sugarcane.



The primary use for sugar cane is to process sugar, which can then be used in producing an infinite number of products. Consequently, the global demand for sugar is the primary driver of sugarcane agriculture. The type of sugar produced by sugar cane is called sucrose. Sucrose, extracted and purified in specialized mill factories, is used as a sweetening agent for food. It is also used as raw material in the food industry or is fermented to produce ethanol. Other than sugar, products derived from sugarcane include ethanol, falernum, molasses, rum, cachaça (a traditional spirit from Brazil), and bagasse.

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South African Sugar Industry

The South African sugar industry is one of the world’s leading cost competitive producers of high-quality sugar, producing an average of 2.3 million tons of sugar per annum. This sector contributes an average R12 billion to the economy. Direct employment within the sugar industry is approximately 79 000 jobs, which represents a significant percentage of the total agricultural workforce in South Africa. Indirect employment is estimated at 350 000. The industry is diverse, combining the agricultural activities of sugarcane cultivation with the manufacture of raw and refined sugar, syrups, specialized sugars and a range of by-products

The South African sugar industry makes an important contribution to employment and sustainable socio-economic development, particularly in rural areas.  This is built on its agricultural and industrial investments, foreign exchange earnings, labor intensity, and linkages with major suppliers, support industries, and customers.


sugarcane harvesting

Sugarcane industry combines the agricultural activities of growing sugarcane with the industrial factory production of raw and refined sugar and makes a significant contribution to the national economy. It requires the partnership between growers and millers which forms the basis of the industry’s structure in South Africa.

Processing of the sugarcane involves cutting the cane when it was fully ripe, releasing cane juice, and immediately subjecting it to crushing in sugar mills.

Sugarcane are planted in furrows at either horizontal or at 45-degree angles. After they are planted, they are covered with a light layer of soil. The crops mature over the span of 9 to 24 months. Harvesting normally takes place when rainfall is at a minimum. Sugarcane harvesting is a staple industry in many countries, including South Africa. It is a complex process that involves careful cutting and handling procedures to maintain high sugar content and cane quality. The cutting of stalks with includes the use of machete-type knives, also known as the cutlass. This method is very labor-intensive and cutters were subjected to stooping in order to cut canes at the lower length desired for optimal sugarcane harvest. The process of cutting canes must be done with care to ensure optimal quality of the cane’s sugar content.

Once inside the sugar mill, rollers are used to crush the canes, extracting juice comprising 10 to 20 percent sucrose. The juice then undergoes a process of removing impurities from the sugar and is crystallized in a centrifuge, where it is processed into refined white sugar.

Maize Farming in South Africa

Maize, also known as “corn”, is one of the most common and important food crops in South Africa. It is both the staple food for the majority of the South African population and the major feed grain.

Maize farming is important for the South African economy because it is the bread and butter of thousands of commercial and small-scale farmers. Most of the maize produced in South Africa is consumed locally. Maize farming in South Africa has been one of the occupations of most indigenous people in Southern part of Africa. The South African maize industry was deregulated in 1997 and is operating in a free-market environment. This means that producers may sell to whomever they wish and prices are determined by supply and demand. The Mpumalanga and North West provinces being the largest producers. The maize industry is also an important earner of foreign exchange for the country through exports of maize and maize products. The South Africa exports maize mainly to Japan, Iran, Kenya, and Venezuela.

maize farming

Maize Farming

Although maize farming requires knowledge and skill, maize is quite easy to produce compared to many other crops. The first and most important consideration in maize farming is the land. Maize grows best in rich loamy or sandy-loam soils in a well-drained area that has a flat or fairly flat landscape. The land has to be in the open and free from any kind of shade because the maize plant needs sunlight. Maize farming in South Africa is done from the month of October up to December when enough rain had fallen to let the seeds of maize to germinate. Planting only when the rains have come will help the maize seeds to germinate and grow well. It is estimated that each maize plant will have consumed about 250 liters of water.

What makes maize ideal for farming is that fact that maize matures really fast. Maize requires only between 90 to 120 days or about 4 months to reach harvest. Because of this, maize can survive in areas with short periods of rainfall and irregular water supplies.

Maize as Food

Many of our food contains maize either directly or indirectly. The production of meat, eggs, and dairy products would be impossible without maize because maize is an important ingredient in animal feed. In addition, statistics show that Africans directly consume about 30 percent of all maize that is produced worldwide. It means that more maize is eaten per person in Africa than in any other part of the world. Southern Africa uses about 85% of harvested maize as food. Maize is also high in energy and nutritional value. It is rich in dietary fiber and carbohydrates which are a good source of energy. It is rich in Vitamins A, C and E, other essential minerals, and contains up to 9 percent protein.


Maize for Animal Feed Producers

Although it is primarily used as human food, maize is one of an essential ingredient for animal feed production. Maize is an important and favorite raw material for animal feed production because it is cheaper than many of the other feed alternatives. It also provides the required nutritional content for livestock. It is estimated that over 60 percent of maize produced worldwide is used in feed production. Hence, the growing production and demand for meat are having a strong effect on the demand for maize.

Maize for Industrial Consumers

Maize is a high-demand industrial raw material because of its high starch content. The starch which can be obtained from maize is processed into several ingredients, additives, and agents such as lactic acid, dextrin, sorbic acid, and sorbitol. These agents, in turn, are used in many household items such as paint, ink, shoe polish, glue medicines, cosmetics, syrups, and even ice cream.

Some of the known biggest industrial buyers of maize are food producers and breweries. Breweries also use maize as a major raw material for beer production. The more beer that is produced, the more maize that will be purchased by brewers across the continent to produce beer.


All About Ceres Farming – What You Should Know

If you are just like most people, this is probably your first time to hear about Ceres Farming, and you are probably wondering what it’s all about. It is actually an investment management company that focuses exclusively on farming. Its real name is Ceres Partners and it has two aspects to its business. One is for buying farm land and leasing it to farmers called Ceres Farms. The other is for investing in emerging markets in the agriculture industry called Ceres Food and Agriculture Opportunity Fund.

If you are an investor and would like to invest your money in something safe, you can and should put your money in Ceres Partners. The investment management company is actively seeking out investors in the agriculture industry. But what are its prospects for growth? Well, because it plays in an evergreen market, you cannot expect to have widely huge profits, however, you can see steady profits as Ceres-owned farms consistently yield rental profits. The same can be true in the many ventures that the Agriculture Opportunity Fund holds.

Currently, you will find several Ceres farms in different states in the United States including Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, New York, Wisconsin, and Arkansas.

Although agriculture is a relatively safe bet in investments, it can also be subject to the conditions of the weather. This is the reason why you should check out the state of the different Ceres farms across the country. While the Ceres Partner website has a photo gallery where you can check out pictures, it’s not enough if you are a serious investor.

You should go out and verify information on the general state of the farms by checking out verified third-party sources. As for the investments in the Agriculture Opportunity Fund, you can find specific information by checking out the fund’s portfolio. This information is readily available and can be provided upon request.

If you are just like most investors, you are probably wondering how much profit you can actually make from investing in agriculture funds. Well, we are here to tell you that the results are never guaranteed because it varies from one farming year to another. However, unlike other investments, it is less volatile, so you can expect to have steady returns on your investment at 4% to 5% per annum. However, it’s just a guess that we have, which we arrived at from years of investing in the different investment instruments, ranging from volatile and stable.

According to the Washington Post, Ceres Partners currently has 63 farms across the country, and they are valued at $63.3 million in total. It’s only a fraction of the value of fixed income assets. However, the investment fund has been posting a steady return of 16% per year since it was founded in 2008. The keyword here is steady. While other investment vehicles bounce from a high and a low point, investing in farming has proven to be a steady source of income both for farmers and investors alike.

South Africa Export Grade Food

Not all countries make quality food. We are not talking about what their chefs create or national food favorites. We are instead talking about food that a country produces that can be exported to another nation. There many countries in the world focus on a farm but who cannot get their food into other countries. This is because many countries around the world have strict policies and regulations when it comes to exporting food or more like it importing food from other nations to their country. Countries have the responsibility to keep their people safe and food safety is very important because it is a way that many people get sick when he’s policies are not followed correctly.

One thing that South Africa is doing very well is that it is creating high-quality export grade food. There focusing on exporting more foods to the world and this is a great thing for their growing economy. It is definitely helping the agricultural sector. Also, the government is putting a lot of money into this area because it is one area where they can grow the economy to their very serious about food safety and producing high-quality produce and other farming goods that can be exported to the world.

Many nations are looking towards South Africa for food if you think about that it is a very interesting thing. Because for most people they do not think of Africa is being a place that has plenty of food or deletes farming. But that is changing and people are realizing that Africa is a very resource rich continent and South Africa is the richest nation and all of Africa and many people consider it to be a Western country by many standards. Exporting food from South Africa seems almost natural to many governments around the world because they know they focus on high quality, that the industry’s well-regulated and that the government is strict on farmers.

As economies and world change, as globalism takes his hand in many countries and the economy of many different countries, players open and enter new industries all time. When it comes to agriculture South Africa is an emergent country that is starting to export food all over the world. They’re able to do this because of their high level of regulation, the education in the industry, the amount of money the government is putting towards this and because nations trust them to do a good job.

So, South Africa is exporting more food than ever and it is high-quality food. It is food that many countries around the world are willing to accept into their nation. It is because of the high level of regulation, the expertise of the farmers, the government’s willingness to invest in this area and the strict rules in place to create safe food. So do not be surprised when you check your local grocery store and find that a lot the food items are from South Africa.

The Beautiful Fruit Farms In Nelspruit

Nelspruit is the capital of the Mpumalanga province in South Africa. This small city is one of the fastest growing and most beautiful cities in South Africa. It was first founded by three brothers from the Nel Family in 1895. This city had a population of 220,000 back in 2000 and has 2 airports. It was also chosen to host the 2010 FIFA World cup where they spent R1.05 billion for a stadium construction.

The best way to explore the farms in the area is to choose one of the amazing Nelspruit accommodation and guesthouse choices that are available.

With Africa’s sunny climate and fertile soil, Nelspruit’s agriculture is very favorable for their agricultural products. The major industries in Nelspruit are canning, juicing and extract of citrus fruits. Mangoes, bananas, avocados, papayas and macadamia nuts are among the citrus and tropical fruits that this region mainly produces.

The agricultural industries can have a very competitive advantage against other countries. Since the country’s agriculture is already a part of the African culture, more than 60% of Africans are already involved in farming. The land is also very rich and arable. With an estimated number of 300 million hectares of land that are fertile and can be used for farming fruits and vegetables, other countries should be jealous of this country’s wealthy land.

Africa’s climate is also very favorable for planting crops and the access to water is going to help nurture the plants. The good agriculture in this country can benefit the economy because there is a market ready to consume the crops right inside of Africa. Since the local consumption exceeds the production right now, farmers won’t have to worry about selling their crops because the customers are right inside their country.

The agriculture industry in Africa plays a big role in the country’s GDP. With one-third of the GDP, this industry is one of the things that can improve the country’s economy. This seems to be true as African leaders appointed Akinwumi Adesina as the agricultural minister last 2015. This development is a signal that the agricultural industry should not be left behind and shall be given proper attention to by the leaders.

The potential arable land in Africa of 300 million hectares are rain-fed arable and the greatest potential is in South Africa. The industry generates crops at $280 billion a year and can still grow in future up to $880 billion in 2030. This potential provides market opportunities that will meet the needs of African nations that are still spending billions of dollars to import food from other countries.

With agriculture’s importance to the economy, the new generation should also be taught about it. As engineers, nurses, teachers, and other professions increase, farmers should also grow in number in order to accommodate the country’s agricultural needs. As more countries are depending on agriculture for more nutritious foods, there is the bigger opportunity for farmers in the future.

Being a part of Africa’s growth should also involve being able to help the country’s agricultural sector. Embracing agriculture’s vast opportunities for everyone in the future can benefit not only the country but also the world. Struggling farmers should be given more assistance and care by the public and private sectors to help with Africa’s growth.

Wine Farming Areas South Africa

What do you want to do when you visit South Africa? Most people want to see the vibrant cities and take apart all the cool things that you can do any huge global city. Some people want to play golf and have a great time because South Africa has some of the best golf courses in the world. Others want to go to animal sanctuaries and see all of the wild animals that have seen on TV that have attracted them to this land. Some people just want to relax and not do much at all. One thing that you must do when you come to South Africa is taking a tour of various farming areas because of there many, they are expensive, it’s beautiful country land and the food is wonderful. It is just something that you have to do when you come here.

This all different types of farming that are done in South Africa. Every type of produce that you can think of is grown here. South Africa is becoming well known for its winery and grape performs that many people visit the country just to take a look at them. They come here to see them because it really is something of great beauty and interest to people. Is not dissimilar from the vineyards in France are those in California and the United States where people go on tours and plan vacations around to singles areas. You definitely find something very similar in South Africa and some people say that it rivals both of those countries. We can guarantee is that you will have a great experience, you will enjoy your time and you will be impressed by what you find. So book a trip today to see it for yourself. You’ll be very happy that you did.

The cool thing is that there are many different farms to visit and many different farming areas. Each area focusing on the different types of farming. Each area being an expert in what they do in providing the best in the world. Each area having farms that are open to the public so that people can visit, take a look, take a tour and learn how things are done. It is definitely an experience that you would never miss and wonder will help you create a ton of fantastic vacation photographs help you remember your wonderful time in South Africa.

So what are you going to do? The next step is obvious, it is so learning more about these areas and to book your next vacation. It is to make a plan to see these areas when you are in the country because of there something that you do not want to miss at all. It is something that you have to see at least one time in your life because it is a think of great natural beauty and just a great thing to do when you’re on vacation in this country. So hopefully you will make it here.

The Best Grape Farms South Africa

South Africa is known for many different things. South Africa is known for its great natural beauty. For its animal and natural habitat sanctuaries. It is known for its big vibrant cities people come from all across the world to vacation and to enjoy themselves. There many interesting things to do in this place one thing that many people might not realize is that South Africa has some of the best great farms in the world. People are starting to come from all around the globe to check out this form of beauty.

What makes the great farms South Africa so special? Is the natural environment and the perfect climate. It all comes together to create a fertile land that is ideal for all different types of farming including great farms. South Africa is now supplying the world with around 20% of the grapes that hit the market. People love come into the farms to see how things are done, to see the grapes on the vines, to taste them, taste the fresh grape juice and other grape arrived products. It is definitely a great experience. One that will definitely make your trip even better. So it is definitely a must do.

There are many different grape farms in South Africa and all of them offer something a little bit different. Some are really large, some are medium-sized and some are small family farms. They all have your own little bit of charm that is perfect for a visitor. Some might tell to you more than others so make sure a lot of sense to learn as much about the different one session. Some have specialties in the specific type of grape that they focus on. Some are being dedicated towards wine use, some towards hitting the produce market and some for other derivative products.

So you definitely find something interesting when you come to South Africa and visit the grape farms. It is a great change of venue for people were visiting the city and doing the typical outdoor things that people come to South Africa to do. It’s great to take pictures, it is great to experience and you’re sure to have a wonderful time visiting the sport the country. Be something that you cannot easily find anywhere else. To learn as much as you can about it and you’re sure to have a wonderful time while in South Africa.

You can see, visiting South Africa is a great idea and they are many different things that you can do. The grape farms are known for their beauty, for the quality of the produce and for giving visitors a great time. Make sure that when you come to South Africa that you take a look at them. It will be a great chance to get away from the city and typical things that people do when it come here. You definitely take a lot of cool pictures to show off to friends and to your family members.